Posted by: metallicarulez | September 8, 2012

Hit the Lights

Second post!!!

I bet you can’t wait to begin reading this, to see the words jump off the screen and front snap kick your corneas. As I write this, I find my heart racing a million miles a minute, wondering how many lives,hearts and souls I will no doubt touch.  My only hope in life is to reach out and maybe save as many people as I can with my knowledge.  They say life is a box of chocolates, and that you never know what you will get.  But I say RUBBISH, life is like a box of chocolates, meant to sedate you and leave you tired and yawning.  I want to blog and leave you feeling energized, as if you’ve just taken a straight shot of gatorade to the heart.  I’m talking mad electrolytes and COPIUS AMOUNTS OF N-R-G…..

Again, in all seriousness I changed my blog up a bit.  (I don’t even know if anyone will read this) But to those who might read this, just wanted to say thanks.  I try not to take my self so serious, and I think the crap I write conveys that quite well.  I don’t want to come off as self-obsessed and act as though I have anything important to say.

Just watching my son climb the dog,  while my beautiful daughter and other half (Marylea!) mingle about making pancakes.  Life is pretty good.

That being said.


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