Posted by: metallicarulez | August 31, 2012

Kill ‘Em All

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

Today I have taken the first step in becoming a bonafide internet superstar.  This blog shall be an online journal, a digital adventure that I invite the world to join me on.  Along the way we shall battle the rivers of self-doubt, climb the mountains of oppression and bask in the glorious rays of FUN.  Like any epic quest, some of us won’t make it to the end.  Some of us, will unfortunately be swallowed up by the giants and dragons that will no doubt try to stop us on this journey of self-discovery. ……..

In all seriousness though.  I just thought I’d have some fun and see how many views I can get on this bad boy.  I’ll probably just end up posting pictures/videos/little quips that I find funny.

So read it.  Or I’ll give you the ol’ one two.

(Explanation of the title:

Metallica’s first album was called kill em all, so I decided it was fitting for my first blog entry)


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